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...brings you “the knowledge & experience of pharmacists from Sweden”

With the re-regulation, new pharmacy owners have an opportunity to offer innovative products and services to their customers in addition to regular pharmaceutical products. Pharmacy operators are in a position to offer personalized services to gain loyalty of their customers.

To ensure long-term profitability, it is essential to minimize operational costs. Technology is one of the key factors for effective and efficient day-to-day operations. With the right technology, a pharmacy can operate in the best possible way using minimum resources. iPharmaedge is tailor-made to help the pharmacy owners gain a competitive advantage, while maintaining the ease of use for pharmacy staff.

Impromptu provides a comprehensive solution to pharmacies that includes hardware, software and other peripherals that are integrated seamlessly. The core of the solution – iPharmaedge - is a software suite that can efficiently handle all the functions a pharmacy would need to provide various kinds of products and services.